Sea Trail Plantation Real Estate | Sunset Beach, North Carolina

Hurricane Florence has come and gone, leaving behind a significant amount of water and debris. The Sea Trail Plantation community has been fortunate that there doesn’t appear to be an significant damage based on a preview of the community. There are a lot of leaves, limbs and many fallen trees.

The island of Sunset Beach has fared very well with minimal damage to the island and homes. The bridge was opened up to residents yesterday at noon.

Electricity was restored on Sunday night, thanks to the tireless efforts of our utility workers.

The sun is currently shining and we hope to have things back to normal shortly.  Many have already started racking on the leaves and collecting limbs for curbside collection.

We count ourselves lucky as we are aware of areas in Wilmington and Leland that are still experiencing major issues.

I have included a link to a flyover from yesterday along the Eastwood Park Road area and the Bird golf course.